A Hand Book of Practical Auditing, 15/e

A Hand Book of Practical Auditing, 15/e

Authors : B N Tandon, S Sundharabahu & S Sudharsnam

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About the Author

B N Tandon :- M.A. Eco., L.L.B. (Agra), M.A. Com. (Cul.), B.Com.(Hons.), Ph.D. Eco(Munich); Formely Professor and Head of the Department of Commerce and Business Administration, Delhi Polytechnic, Delhi.

S Sundharabahu :- M.COM., B.L., F.C.A.D.I.S.A. (ICA)., Chartered Accountant, Mayiladuthurai

S Sudharsnam :- M.Com., M.Phil., A.I.C.W.A., Ph.D., Reader in Commerce, D.B. Jain College, Chennai-96.

About the Book

For the students of B.Com., M.Com, Professional Course of C.A., C.S., I.C.W.A. and Professionals of Financial Institutions.


Table of Content

Introduction Ii An Overview Of Auditing 3.Audit Planning And Control 4.Internal Control 5.Vouching Of Cash Trancactions 6.Vouching Of Trading Transactions 7.The Audit Of Impersonal Ledger 8.Verification And Valuation Of Assets And Liabilities 9. Depriciation 10Reserves 11.Audit Of Ltd.Companies 12 Audit Of Ltd.Companies 13Reports 14.Audit Of Banking Companies 15.The Audit Of Co-Operative Banks And Institutions 16.The Audit Of Insurance Companies 17.Audit Of Partnersip Accounts 18.Government Accounts And Their Audit19.Cost Audit 20.Management Audit 21.Tax Audit 22Divisible Profits23.Investigation 24.Liablities Of An Author 25Professional Conduct 26.Typical Audit Programmes 27.Auditing In Edp Environment