A Manual of Practical Zoology: Invertebrates, 2/e

A Manual of Practical Zoology: Invertebrates, 2/e

Authors : Dr. P S Verma

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About the Author

Dr. P S Verma :-
He is M.Sc., PhD, F.E.S.I. and F.A.Z, has immense teaching experience. He taught Zoology to undergraduate and postgraduate students at Meerut College, Meerut till 2000. Dr. Verma has engaged in active research, and also successfully guided several PhD students. He has to his credit publication of several research papers.
A celebrated author, Dr. Verma has written several books on Zoology. His books include Biology for Schools, and Biology for classes XI and XII (CBSE and ISC). He has also written several books for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. His books have been very popular among the student community.
His famous books include Invertebrate Zoology, Chordate Zoology, Practical Zoology (Invertebrate), Practical Zoology (Chordate), Cell Biology, Genetics, Cytology, Chordate Embryology, Textbook of Biology for class IX, Textbook of Biology for classes XI and XII and ISC Biology for classes XI and XII.

About the Book

For Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students of All Indian Universities


Table of Content

|Microscopes|Preparation Of Laboratory Reagent|Culture Methods|Dissections|Preparation Of Permanent Slides|Important Mountings|Phylum: Protozoa|Phylum: Porifera|Phylum: Coelenterata|Phylum: Ctenophora|Phylum :Platyhemliminthes| Phylum:Aschelminthes| Phylum:Annelida| Phylum :Arthropoda| Phylum :Mollusca| Phylum :Echinodermata|Minor Phyla| Phylum: Hemichordata|Crytological Preparations|Genetical Exercises