A Text Book of Optics, 25/e

A Text Book of Optics, 25/e

Authors : Brij Lal, N Subrahmanyam & M N Avadhanulu

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About the Author

Brij Lal :- M.Sc. Former Reader in Physics Hindu College, Delhi

N Subrahmanyam :- M.Sc(Physics)., Ph.D. Former Reader in Physics Kirori Mal College, Delhi

M N Avadhanulu :-
He initiated research on liquid crystals for the first time in the Physics department of Andhra University in 1965 and obtained Ph.D in 1973. In 1976, he joined Central Electronics Ltd (CEL), Sahibabad in the LCD division. He migrated to teaching profession in 1986 and joined Kavikulguru Institute of Technology and Science, Ramtek, Maharashtra. He occupied a number of administrative posts in the institute such as HoD, Dean (student affairs) and Dean (academic affairs). He was elected and served as a member of the board of studies in Applied Sciences and Humanities under the faculty of Engg. & Tech, Nagpur University during 1991-1994 and was instrumental in modernizing the syllabus of Applied Physics for B.E. He has implemented a number of innovative teaching methods to improve the appreciation of Physics by the Engineering students. He has written books for Engineering and Science Graduates as per the prescribed syllabus. 

About the Book

• For B Sc Students as Per UGC model Syllabus.

• Though this book is intended primarily for undergraduate students, it is hoped to be useful for a wide variety of readers such as those appearing for competitive examinations and those aiming at obtaining a fair knowledge of the nature and behaviour of light, which gives us the direct intimation of God's subtle splendour.


Table of Content

1. Light 2. Fermat'S Principle And Its Applications Ray Optics 3. Reflection And Refraction 4. Lenses 5. Optical System And Cardinal Points 6. Thick Lenses 7. Matrix Methods 8. Dispersion 9. Lens Abberations 10. Optical Instruments 11. Velocity Of Light Wave Optics 12. Waves And Wave Packets 13. Propagation Of Light Waves 14. Interefrence 15. Interefrence In Thin Films 16. Coherence 17. Fresnel Diffraction 18. Fraunhoffer Diffraction 19. Resolving Power 20. Polarization Quantum Optics 21. Mechanism Of Light Emission 22. Lasers 23. Holography Photonics 24. Fibre Optics 25. Non-Linear Optics 26. Atom Laser Appendix-Noble Laureates In Physics