A Textbook of Engineering Drawing

A Textbook of Engineering Drawing

Authors : ER. R.K. DHAWAN

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About the Author

ER. R.K. DHAWAN :-  
He has 48 year of teaching experience in technical education. Presently, he is the Principal of Ramagarhia Institute of Engineering & Technology, Satnampura, Phagwara (Punjab).

About the Book

Engineering Drawing completely covers the subject as per AICTE.  Pedagogically strong and designed for easy learning, the text amplifies the learning of the student with close to 1300 figures and tables. 

Additional Material

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Section — I
1. Introduction and Drawing Instruments
2. Layout of Drawing Sheet
3. Conventions
4. Lettering
5. Dimensioning
6. Scales
7. Geometrical Construction
Section — II
1. Loci of Points
2. Conic Sections
3. Plane and Space Curves
Section — III
1. Theory of Projection and Orthographic Projection
2. Orthographic Reading or Interpretation of Views
3. Identification of Surfaces
4. Missing Lines and Views
5. Sectional Views
6. Isometric Projections
7. Auxiliary Views
8. Freehand Sketching

Section — IV
1. Projection of Points
2. Projections and Traces of Straight Lines
3. Projections of Planes
4. Projections of Solids
5. Sections of Solids
6. Intersection of Surfaces
7. Development of Surfaces
8. Perspective Projections
9. Building Drawing
10. Centre of Gravity & Moment of Inertia
11. Nomography
12. Rivets and Riveted Joints
13. Welding
14. Screw Threads
15. Fastenings
16. Computer Aided Drafting

Key Features

  • Six New Chapters: Including Centre of Gravity & Moment of Inertia and Nomography
  • Pedagogically Strong: More than 1850 Figures, Tables, Examples/ Cases and Problems for better grasp of the topics | Close to 600 Chapter-end questions and problems for better practice.
  • On the Website: 20 model examination papers for further practice.