A Textbook of Human Resource Management

A Textbook of Human Resource Management

Authors : R S Dwivedi

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About the Author

R S Dwivedi :- R S Dwivedi has been Professor of Management at Kurukshetra University, Haryana for around two decades, and a Consultant in Human Resource Management. He also served as Chairman, Dean and Vice-Chancellor of the University. Earlier, he has been a psychologist with the Ministry of Labour, Director-cum-Editor at the National Productivity Council, New Delhi, and Reader at the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. He did MA (Psychology) from the Allahabad University, and PhD in Management from the University of Delhi. Author of 15 books and numerous research papers, he has widely travelled abroad including UK, Japan and Philippines on professional assignments. He has to his credit several national and international awards, including ‘International Man of the Millennium’, and ‘Outstanding Speaker of the 21st Century’, of IBC, Cambridge, England. His book Corporate Excellence was adjudged the best book of the year 1998-99 by ISTD. He has been profiled in ABI’s International Book of Honor (4th ed.), IBC’s Dictionary of International Biography and the Marquis’ Who’s Who in the World (Millennium edition).

About the Book

This book is designed for management students interested in the conceptual background and content that is essential for understanding the relevant issues in human resource management (HRM). It emphasizes a general management approach to HRM to meet the challenges which organizations face in using their human resources effectively. It is structured around key terms stressing the need for proactive HRM to accomplish a competitive edge, and discusses in detail several changes that have taken place in the field of people management especially over the last two decades. It also embodies several old concepts as they provide a sound historical background to understand the new version of personnel management and industrial relations, that is, HRM.


1. An Introduction to Human Resource Management, 2 HR Policy, Strategy and Planning, 3. Recruitment and Selection, 4. Training and Development, 5. Performance Appraisal and Management, 6. Promotions, Transfers and Separation, 7. Counselling, Empowerment and Quality of Work Life, 8. Compensating Human Resources, 9. Framework of Industrial Relations and Changing Roles of Actors, 10. Approaches to Industrial Relations • Appendices: A: HR Review and Audit, B: Human Resource Information System (HRIS), C: Innovative HRM Teaching Kits for Corporate Survival and Success, D: Knowledge Management—Conceptual Framework and Case Study, E: Business Ethics and HRM • Name Index • Subject Index