A Textbook of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

A Textbook of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Authors : Abhilasha Asthana & Reetesh Kumar Asthana

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About the Author

Abhilasha Asthana :-

Reetesh Kumar Asthana :-

About the Book

The book has been designed to cover all the topics related to Physical and Inorganic Chemistry of B.Pharma students of RGPV, Bhopal and all other Indian universities. The textbook provides the indeph information. All updated usual topics are explained in very simple language, from weak to extremely brilliant, will find something of interest to them in the chapters.

Table of Content

Part - 1 Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry > Atomic Molecular Structure And Chemical Bonding | Physio-Chemical Properties Of Substances | Thermodynamics | Chemical Equilibrium | Phase Equilibrium | Surface Chemistry | States Of Matter Part 2 : Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry > Elements And Periodicity | Sources Of Impurities In Pharmaceutical Substances | Essential And Trace Elements | Major Electrolytes| Inorganic Agents | Reagents | Radiopharmaceuticals Part-3 : Pharmaceutical Practical Inorganic Chemistry > Inorganic Practicals