Authors : K.K. Sharma & L.K. Sharma

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About the Author

K.K. Sharma :-
He was a Reader in the Department of Chemistry, Zakir Husain College, University of Delhi. He specialized in Theoretical Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. He had a teaching experience of more than 25 years. An MBA in Financial Management, Dr Sharma was also associated with popular science programmes on All India Radio.

L.K. Sharma :-
He is retired Associated Professor from ARSD College, University of Delhi where he was associated for over 40 years with the Department of Chemistry. Dr Sharma specializes in Chemical Kinetics and has published several research papers in international journals. He has a long association with the development of curriculum for chemistry in the university.

About the Book

This book has been successfully guiding undergraduate students of science, engineering and pharmacy of the Indian universities since 1978 due to its approach of teaching the subject in the simplest possible way.
The book emphasizes on fundamental rather than excessive details and develops the topics from the first principles. It contains a considerable number of worked-out examples exposing the students to practical applications of equations and helping them comprehend the magnitude of many different physiochemical quantities. Both the traditional cgs/esu and the newer SI systems of units have been used identically. This is so because in spite of wider acceptance of the SI units, the cgs units continue to be used in most chemical literature.

New in this Edition

• Quick Recap' section with every chapter to bring the concepts on fingertips
• Vastly augmented section on MCQs for complete comprehension
• Additional review questions to make them broad based
• Revised and updated topics

Table of Content

• Some Fundamental Chemical Concepts • Gaseous State • Liquids • Properties of Liquids • The Solid State • Thermodynamics • Thermochemistry • Entropy: The Second Law of Thermodynamics • Free Energy Functions • Chemical Equilibrium • Phase Equilibria • Solutions • Colligative Properties of Solutions • Electrochemistry • Ionic Equilibria • Electrochemical Cells • Chemical Kinetics • Catalysis • Colloids • Atomic Structure • Wave Mechanical Model of the Atom • Chemical Bonding • Nuclear Chemistry • Photochemistry • Physical Properties and Chemical Constitution • Polymers • Appendices • Log Tables