A Textbook of Polymer Chemistry, 1/e

A Textbook of Polymer Chemistry, 1/e

Authors : M S Bhatnagar

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About the Author

M S Bhatnagar :-

About the Book

The present book "A Textbook of Polymer Chemistry" is written for B.Sc., M.S.c., B.Tech. And M.Tech. Students of various Indian Universities. All the three sections are immensely useful and

extensively fulfils the requirements of polymer materials.

Section I of this book deals with the Basic Concepts of Polymers. Polymers contain a very large and diversified family of materials which have entered every aspects of our daily life. Section II deals with the Processing and Applications of Polymers. Section III deals with the Condensation of Polymers


Table of Content

Section-I: Basic Concepts: 1. Introduction, 2. Chemical that Produce Monomers,
3. Monomers, 4. Polymerisation, 5. Introduction to Catalysis and Catalysts, 6. Phase
Transfer in Monomers, 7. Polymers, 8. Characterisation, 9. Molecular Weight and its
Determination, Appendices, Section-II: Processing and Applications: 1. Introduction, 2. Solvents, 3. Fillers, 4. Additives, 5. Moulding, 6. Casting, 7. Lamination, 8. Rubber, 9. Adhesives, 10. Composites,11. Surface Coating, Section-III: Condensation Polymers: 1. Introduction, 2. Polyacetals, 3. Polyaldehydes, 4. Polyalkyds, 5. Polyalkylense, 6. Polyallys, 7. Polyamino - Resins (Aminoplastics), 8. Polycarbonates, 9. Epoxy Resins, 10. Polyesters, 11. Unsaturated Polyesters, 12. Phenoplasts, 13. Rosin, 14. Silicones, 15. Polyureas, 16. Polyurethanes