Advanced Accounts, 19/e

Advanced Accounts, 19/e

Authors : M C Shukla, T S Grewal & S C Gupta

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About the Author

M C Shukla :-
He was a distinguished teacher, author and administrator. He also acted as the Vice-Principal of the S. R. College of Commerce and later as Professor of School of Correspondence Courses and Continuing Education, of the University of Delhi. He wrote many books such as Mercantile Law, Business Organisation and Management, Advanced Accounts, Industrial Law, Company Law, Cost Accounts, Statistics - Theory and Practice and Secretarial Practice.

T S Grewal :-
He was an eminent educationist and humanist, whose values, principles and philosophy of life acted as a source of inspiration and guiding light for all those who ever came in contact with him. In the year 1968, he was selected for International Teachers Program by Harvard Business School, Boston, U.S.A. which he completed with distinctions in 5 courses. His erudition in Commerce and Management subjects are too well known. Apart from his numerous articles in various national and international journals, he has written scholarly text books on the subject of accountancy, including management and cost accounting. His books speak volumes about his gigantic scholarly attainments.

S C Gupta :-
He is a distinguished academician, was former Reader in Commerce, Hans Raj College, University of Delhi. He has teaching experience of more than 40 years in the Department of Commerce, Hansraj College of the University of Delhi. Since long, he has been associated in different capacities with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Today, he is one of the most experienced and distinguished teachers of Accounting in the country.

About the Book

This comprehensive edition is the most authoritative text on advanced accounting topics. The book continues its legacy and provides a contemporary and comprehensive presentation of a wide spectrum of accounting concepts and applications. Detailed fundamentals provide a natural grounding and help in gaining accounting skills and knowledge. The book offers a structural presentation with over 500 clear illustrations, extensive exercise questions and updated accounting treatments. The book could be used to great advantage by accounting professionals.

Key Features

• Complete coverage of accountancy syllabus and up to date discussion of accounting standards
• Structured presentation with more than 500 illustrations to explain the concepts and techniques
• Balanced theoretical and conceptual coverage to help accounting learners master the subject
• More than 450 exercise questions supplemented by essay questions to reinforce learning
• Topic of ';Lease' revised as per latest Accounting Standard 17
• Multiple choice questions to reinforce understanding

Table of Content

• Fundamental Principles of Accounting • Final Accounts • Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes • Consignments, Joint Ventures, Account Current, Average due Date, etc. • Self-Balancing Ledgers • Depreciation, Reserves and Provisions • Receipts and Payments Account, Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet • Single Entry or Accounts from Incomplete Records • Partnership Accounts (I) • Partnership Accounts (II) (Dissolution) • Branch and Departmental Accounts • Hire Purchase, Instalments and Lease • Insurance Claims • Insolvency Accounts • Royalties • Contract Accounts • Miscellaneous • Introduction—Shares, Debentures, etc. • Final Accounts • Valuation of Intangible Assets, Goodwill and Shares; Reorganisation and Reconstruction of Share Capital • Business Combination and External Reconstruction • Holding Companies • Statement of Cash Flows, Funds Flow Statement, Cash Budget and Working Capital • Accounting Ratios • Insurance Companies • Bank • Liquidation • Computerised Accounting System • Inflation Accounting • Accounting for Human Resources of an Organisation and Social Responsibility

• Multiple Choice Questions (Chapter wise)