Advertising Principles and Practice, 1/e

Advertising Principles and Practice, 1/e

Authors : Ruchi Gupta

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About the Author

Ruchi Gupta :-

About the Book

The book is for the students of B.Com., M.Com, B.B.A., MBA and other professional courses. Mainly the book covers the principles on the basis of Advertising. The book has been divided into three parts.Unit I - Basics of Advertising. In addition to the above three parts the book also has a separate section "ADDITIONAL CASE STUDIES".Advertising Glossery also given at the end of the book. The book has been written keeping in mind the curriculum requirements as per the different syllabus of Indian Universities. The book is printed in double colour with good quality of paper and beautiful get up.

Table of Content

Introduction To Adverstising | Role Of Advestising In Marketing Mix | Advertising As A Communicaion Tool | Types Of Advertising | Advestising Campaign | Advestising Objectives | Advertising Budget | Advertising Message Decisions | Creative Side Of Advertising | Advertising Appeals | Celebrity Endorsements | Mascots | Media Decisons | Types Of Media | Online Advertising | Measuring Advertising Effectiveness | Advertising Agncies | Legal Aspects Of Advertising In India | Ethical Issues In Advertising | Advertising Standards Council Of India | Surrogate Advertising In India | Comparative Advertising In India | Additional Case Studies | Advertising Glossary