Allied Physics (Paper I and II), 1/e

Allied Physics (Paper I and II), 1/e

Authors : R Murugeshan

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About the Author

R Murugeshan :-
MPhil, was formerly head of Physics Department, Vivekananda College, Tiruvedakam. He obtained his MSc degree in applied physics from Calicut University and MPhil degree from Madurai Kamaraj University with specialisation in solar energy. He has 35 years of teaching experience at undergraduate level. A prolific author, Mr. Murugeshan has written several textbooks for under-graduate physics students, such as Modern Physics, Allied Physics, Properties of Matter and Acoustics for BSc, Thermal Physics, Physics-I, Optics and Spectroscopy, Properties of Matter — all published by S Chand And Company Ltd, New Delhi.

Table of Content

Paper-I | Waves & Osciiiations | Properties Of Matters | Thermal Physics | Electricity And Magnetism | Geometrical Optics | Paper-Ii | Physical Optics | Atomic Physics | Nuclear Physics | Elements Of Relativity And Uantum Mechanics | Electronics Practical Physics | Young'S Modulus By Non-Uniform Bending | Young'S Modulus (E) Non-Uniform Bending | Rigidity Modulus (Static Torsion Method)|Rigidity Modulus By Tosicenal Oscillations | Surface Tension And Interfacial Surface Tension Drop Weight Method | Comparision Of Viscosities Of Two Liquids—Burette Method | Specific Heat Capacity Of A Liquid | Sonometer— Frequency Of A.C. Mains | Determination Of Radius Of Curvature | Air Wedge — Thickness Of A Wire | Spectrometer-Diffraction On Gravity- Wevelength Of Hg Lines | Potentiometer-Voltmeter Calibration | Post Office Box-Measure Of Resistance And Specific Resistance | Ballistic Galvanometer Figure Of Merit | Logic Gates And, Or, Not | Zener Diode Characteristics | Nand Gate As A Universal Gate