Alternate Methods of Ironmaking, 1/e

Alternate Methods of Ironmaking, 1/e

Authors : Prof. Rameshwar Sah & Prof. Sujay Kumar Dutta

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About the Author

Prof. Rameshwar Sah :- R & D Department. JSW Steel Ltd., Vijaynagar Works. Toranagallu, Karnatka

Prof. Sujay Kumar Dutta :- Matallurgical and Materials Engg. Deptt., Faculty of Technology & Engg. M.S. University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat

About the Book

This book has been prepared primarily for use by Students studying Ferrous Metallurgy (i.e., Iron and Steelmaking) at UG and PG level of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Research workers engaged in obtaining fundamental information in this field, and for Process Metallurgists to understand the processes in general and Sponge Iron Producers in particular.
•; It also helps the practicing engineers who wish to apply the theoretical knowledge to the process they are operating.
•;The book may very well be introduced as a Textbook for Elective subject in Third/Fourth year of UG programme in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering.
•;The book consists of nine chapters in two parts; five chapters in Part-I: Direct Reduction Processes and four chapters in Part-II: Smelting Reduction Processes. In Part-I, the Chapter 1 deals with a brief introduction of the sponge iron and classification of the direct reduction processes with their advantages and limitations. Chapter 2 deals with the raw materials involved in direct reduced ironmaking and their characteristics. In Chapter 3, the physico-chemical principles and thermodynamics of reduction are highlighted. The details of different direct reduction (DR) processes are discussed in Chapter 4. The characteristics and uses of DRI as well as its effect on Electric Arc Furnace performance is discussed in Chapter 5.


Table of Content

Part I (Direct Reduction Processes) Part Ii (Smelting Reduction Processes) • References • Appendix • Index