Analytical Solid Geometry, 17/e

Analytical Solid Geometry, 17/e

Authors : Shanti Narayan & P K Mittal

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About the Author

Shanti Narayan :- Former Dean of Colleges, Principal, Hans Raj College, Delhi

P K Mittal :- M.Sc., Ph.D., Head of Mathematics Deptt. Govt. Post Graduate College, RISHIKESH

About the Book

Question upto the year 2005 of most of the Indian Universities, which have been asked in B.Sc examinations. All the mistakes have been removed.


Table of Content

Co-Ordinates|The Plane|Right Line|Interpretation Of Equations Loci| Transformation Of Co-Ordinates|The Sphere|Cones, And Cylinders|Homogeneous Cartesian Co-Ordinates|The Conicoid|Plane Sections Of Conicoids|Generating Lines Of Conicoids|General Equation