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About the Author

Prasanna Kumar Dixit :-
He is currently Director of Interface Software, Bhubaneswar. He did his B Tech from Institute of Engineers, Chennai and M Tech from ITER, Bhubaneswar. He also has a PG Diploma in Industrial Relations and Certificate in Power Engineering from Durgapur. He has worked for several companies across industries like Steel and Software in Odisha, Bengaluru and Chennai and these have leveraged him with a broad and thorough understanding of business processes and software projects. To satiate his constant zeal for spreading the knowledge of new technologies, he set up Interface Software in 2001, which has since become the benchmark for Java and related training in the state of Odisha. He is currently working on seven other books on Java-based technologies, which will be released within this year.
Mr. Dixit is a multi-faceted person; he speaks many languages and plays cricket and badminton in his free time.

About the Book

Android is a movement that has transferred data from laptop to hand-held devices like mobiles. Though there are alternate technologies that compete with Android, but it is the front runner in mobile technology by a long distance. Good knowledge in basic Java will help you to understand and develop Android technology and apps. Many universities in India and across the world are now teaching Android in their syllabus, which shows the importance of this subject. This book can be read by anyone who knows Java and XML concepts. It includes a lot of diagrams along with explanations to facilitate better understanding by students. This book aptly concludes with a project that uses Android, which will greatly benefit students in learning the practical aspects of Android.


1. Introduction to Android Operating System • What is Android? • What is “Open Handset Alliance”? • Android Ecosystem • Why android??? • Android versions • Android Activity • Features of Android • Android Architecture • Stack Linux Kernel 2. Configuration of Android Environment • Operating System • Java JDK • Android SDK • Android Development Tools (ADT) • Android Virtual Devices (AVDs) • Emulators • Dalvik Virtual Machine • Difference between Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM) • Steps To Install and Configure Eclipse and SDK 3. Create the First Android Application • Directory Structure 4. Android User Interface • Understanding the components of a screen • Linear Layout • Absolute Layout • Frame Layout • Relative Layout • Table Layout 5. Designing your User Interface with View • Text View • Button - A standard push button • Image Button • Edit Text • Check Box • Toggle Button • Radio Button and Radio Group • Progress Bar • Auto complete Text View • Spinner • List View • Grid View • Image View • Scroll view • Custom Toast Alert • Time and Date Picker 6. Activity • Introduction • Intent • Intent _ filter • Activity life cycle • Broadcast Life cycle • Service 7. Multimedia • Android System Architecture • Play Audio and Video • Play Audio • Text to Speech 8. SQLite Database in Android • SQLite Database • Why SQLite? • Creation and connection of the database • Extracting value from a Cursors • Transactions, 9. Telephoning and Messaging • SMS Telephony 10. Telephoning and Messaging • Creating the Project • Getting the maps API key • Displaying the zoom control • Changing Views

Key Features

• Instructions in designing different Android user interfaces • Thorough explanations of all activities • JSON • Android-based project to aid practical understanding"