Anthropology -The Study of Man, 9/e

Anthropology -The Study of Man, 9/e

Authors : Indrani Basu Roy

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About the Author

Indrani Basu Roy :-

About the Book

• This textbook includes -Physical Anthropology, Prehistory and Social-Cultural Anthropology.
For Students of Anthropologyin Indian Universities.
• This is a valuable textbook of Anthropology which aims to serve all students of Anthropology.
Each of these parts deal with specific portion of the subject matter and corresponds to the major branches of Anthropology.
• The book offers has been written lucidly in simple language with plenty of examples. It offers a blueprints for the subject Anthropology as such as to satisfy the general readers also who are enthusiastic to know more and more Man.


Table of Content

Introduction |Origin And Development Of Anthropology | Human Anatomy |Human Physio-Morphology |Human Evolution |Genetics And Heredity |Human Race |Anthropometry |Origin Of Man On Earth |Ecology And Early Man |Stone Age Culture |Mental Age |Documentary Process Of Culture |Pre-History To History |Society |Basic Structure Of A Society |Social Stratification And Caste System |Village Life |Tribe |Culture |Field Work |Human Growth And Development