Atomic and Nuclear Physics, 2/e

Atomic and Nuclear Physics, 2/e

Authors : Brij Lal & N Subrahmanyam

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About the Author

Brij Lal :- M.Sc. Former Reader in Physics Hindu College, Delhi

N Subrahmanyam :- M.Sc(Physics)., Ph.D. Former Reader in Physics Kirori Mal College, Delhi

About the Book

The present edition of the book is revised as per the UGC syllabus. Questions and problems at the end of each chapter have been up-dated. Many new solved examples are included in this edition.

Certain topics have been added so that students from some universities where the syllabus has been modified and upgraded may benefit.
Besides being a text-book we hope that this will benefit students appearing at the IAS, AMIE and other Competitive Examinations.

Table of Content

1. Relativity
2. Quantum Mechanics
3. Matter Waves-Wave Particle Duality and Uncertainty Principle
4. Mechanics
5. Atomic Physics
6. X-Rays
7. Molecular Physics
8. Raman Effect and Spectroscopic Techniques
9. Interaction of Charged Particles and Neutrons with Matter
10.Structure of Nuclei
11.Nuclear Reactions
12. Nuclear Models
Appendix A-D