Atomic Physics (Modern Physics), 1/e

Atomic Physics (Modern Physics), 1/e

Authors : Dr. S.N. Ghoshal

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About the Author

Dr. S.N. Ghoshal :-

About the Book

The subject of Atomic Physics has grown tremendously in its scope during the last quarter of century. The present work was undertaken with a view to fill up this gap. My association with the teaching in the B.Sc. Honous classes at Presidency College, Calcutta for many years has been specially helpful to me in undertaking the work.


Table of Content

1. Atomic Structure Of Matter | 2. Cathode Rays And Positive Rays | 3. Origin Of Quantum Theory; Planck’S Theory Of Black Body Radiation | 4. Structure Of The Hydrogen-Like Atoms; Bohr-Sommerfeld Theory | 5. Emission Of Electrons From Metal Surfaces; Photoelectric And The Thermionic Effects | 6. Alkali Spectra, Space Quantization, Electron Spin; Periodic Classification Of Elements | 7. Laser | 8. X-Rays | 9. Wave Particle Duality; Heisenberg’S Uncertainty Principle | 10. Introduction To Wave Mechanics | 11. Solutions Of Schrodinger Equation In Some Simple Cases | 12. Approximate Methods In Quantum Mechanics | 13. Quantum Mechanical Theory Of Atomic Structure | 14. Atoms In Radiation Field | 15. Special Theory Of Relativity | 16. Molecular Spectra | 17. Structure And Properties Of Solids | 18. Metals And Semi Conductors | 19. Magnetic Properties Of Solids | 20. Statistical Mechanics | Appendices | Index