Basic System Analysis, 1/e

Basic System Analysis, 1/e

Authors : S K Pandey

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About the Author

S K Pandey :-

About the Book

The book "Basic System Analysis | is written especially for the students of III semester of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EN) of all Engineering Colleges of Maha Maya Technical Univerity, Noida and Gautam Buddha Technical University, Lucknow. It also meets the needs of those readers who want to gain sound understanding of Basic System Analysis. Three Outstanding Features of the Book :: Style used by author is same as lecture style. || The book is easy to read and stimulating in its direct personal approach.|| The emphasis is on concepts as well as Mathematical treatment.

Table of Content

|Signals|Systems|Analogous Systems|Fourier Series |Fourier Transform And Its Applications|Laplace Transform And Its Applications|Z - Transform And Its Applications|State-Variable Analysis|Appendices A-I