Basics of Civil Engineering, 1/e

Basics of Civil Engineering, 1/e

Authors : Er. Kiran M. Tajne & Er. Shrikrishna A Dhale

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About the Author

Er. Kiran M. Tajne :- M.Tech.

Er. Shrikrishna A Dhale :- M.Tech.

About the Book

Basics of Civil Engineering is considered is considered as one of the basic subjects for all the engineering students of all branches. The contents of this book are framed in such a way that will be useful to the technocrates who are working on the administrative positions to deal with the basic knowledge of civil engineering.


Table of Content

1. Introduction To Civil Engineering 2. General Concepts Related To Building 3. Components Of Buildings 4. Building Materials 5. Surveying 6.Transportation Engineering 7. Environment And Natural Resource Management 8.Waste Management 9.Water Resources Engieering 10.Instrumentation In Civil Engineering Structures 11.Sustaiable Development Latest Question Papers 2012 With Hints