Botany for Degree Students – ALGAE, 34/e

Botany for Degree Students – ALGAE, 34/e

Authors : B R Vashishta, V P Singh & A K Sinha

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About the Author

B R Vashishta :-
Formerly Reader, Biology Study Group, Department of Botany, Punjab University, Chandigarh and Head of Department - Botany, Multanimal Modi College, Modi Nagar.

V P Singh :-
Reader, Department of Botany, Feroze Gandhi Postgraduate College (Kanpur University), Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh.

A K Sinha :-
Formerly Reader and Head of Department  - Botany, Feroze Gandhi Postgraduate College (Kanpur University), Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh.

About the Book

It is a part of five book series on Botany for Degree Students. The revised edition of Botany for Degree Students- Algae deals with the important system of classification of the plant kingdom, an account of thallophytes, life histories of important representatives of each class of algae and various aspects of the life cycles of algae. Coverage of latest researches in the current edition of the book make it more useful for students appearing in competitive examinations.


Key Features

• Discussion on new topics such as Protochlorophyta, Toxic Algae, colourless Algae, Biofertilisers, Cyanophages, Bioluminisense and genera Microcystis and Navicula in the
• Relevant and well labelled diagrams to illustrate various stages in the life histories of the representative types
• Rich pedagogy comprising chapter-end features such as list of diagnostic features of important types and graphic representation of their life histories and variety of revision questions (Essay, short and objective type questions)

Table of Content

• Introduction • Division: Cyanophyta (Cyanophy-cophyta) Class: Cynophyceae • Order: Chroococcales • Order: Oscillatopriales • Order: Nostocales • Order: Scytonematales • Order: Rivulariales • Division: Chlorophyta (Chlorophy-cophyta) Class: Chlorophyceae • Class: Chloro-phyceae Order: Volvocales • Class: Chlorophyceae Order: Chlorococcales • Order: Ulotrichales Suborder: Ulotrichineae • Order: Ulvales • Order: Oedogoniales • Order: Cladophorales • Order: Chaetophorales • Order: Zygnemales (Conjugales) • Order: Caulerpales • Division: Charophyta (Charophycophyta) Class: Charophyceae • Division: Xanthophyta (Xanthophycophyta) Class: Xanthophyceae Order: Heterosiphonales • Division: Bacillariophyta (Bacillariophycophyta) Class: Bacillariophyceae (Diatoms) • Division: Phaeophyta (Phaeophycophyta) • Class: Isogeneratae Order: Ectocarpales • Order: Dictyotales • Order: Laminariales • Class: Cyclospora Order: Fucales • Division: Rhodophyta (Rhodophycophyta) • Sub-Class: lorideae (Florideophycideae) Order: Nemalionales • Order: Ceramiales • General Conclusions • Bibliography • Index