Botany for Degree Students for Bsc.IIIrd Year, 1/e

Botany for Degree Students for Bsc.IIIrd Year, 1/e

Authors : B P Pandey

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About the Author

B P Pandey :-
B P Pandey, PhD, was formerly Head of Botany Department, J V College, Baraut. He obtained his MSc (Botany) degree from Agra University and PhD (Botany) degree from Meerut University. He has close to 40 years of teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. A prolific author, Dr Pandey has written several books on Botany for BSc and MSc courses, such as Plant Anatomy, Plant Pathology, A Textbook of Botany: Angiosperms, A Taxonomy of Angiosperms, Economic Botany, College Botany (Volume I), College Botany (Volume II), College Botany (Volume III), Botany for Degree Students - First Year, Botany for Degree Students - Second Year, Botany for Degree Students - Third Year, Modern Practical Botany (Volume I), Modern Practical Botany (Volume II) and Modern Practical Botany (Volume III) — all published by S Chand And Company Ltd, New Delhi. These books have been enthusiastically received by the students as well as the teaching fraternity. Besides, being a renowned textbook author, his interest also lies in poetry, both, English and Hindi.

About the Book

For Degree students of B.Sc. Third year as per UGC Model Curriculum. This course is being divided into Course -I Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology' where subject matter has been divided four units and expanded into nine chapters; while course II contains 'Ecology and Utilization of Plants' (Economic Botany), having two units and sixteen chapters.


Table of Content

Course: I Plant Physiology, Biochemistry & Biotechnology|Unit-1: Biochemistry|Basics Of Enzymology- Enzymes|Unit-2: Plant Physiology|Plant Water Relations|Mineral Nutrition And Nitrogen Metabolism| Respiration|Photosynthesis And Transport Of Organic Substances|Lipid Metabolism|Unit-3: Genetic Engineering,Cloning And Genomics|Course Ii: Ecology And Utilization Of Plants|Unit:5 Organism And The Environment|Population,Biotic Community And Succession|Ecosystem:Structure And Function|Natural Resources And Vegetation Types Of India|Biodiversity And Biogeographical Regions Of India|Environmental Changes|Unit 6: Introduction|Food Plants|Fibres And Fibre Yielding Plants|Vegetable And Fatty Oils|Wood And Cork|Bamboos In India|Spices And Condiments|The Medicinal Plants:Pharmacognosy|Non-Alcoholic Beverages And Beverages Plants|Rubber And Its Products