Botany for Degree Students- Gymnosperm, 1/e

Botany for Degree Students- Gymnosperm, 1/e

Authors : A K Sinha, P C Vashishta & ANIL KUMAR

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About the Author

A K Sinha :-
Formerly Reader and Head of Department  - Botany, Feroze Gandhi Postgraduate College (Kanpur University), Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh.

P C Vashishta :-

He is an Associate Professor, Department of Botany at Feroze Gandhi Postgraduate College of Kanpur University.

About the Book

Multicolour Illustrative Edition Botany For Degree Students Gymnosperms For Degree Students


Table of Content

1.Introduction 2. Cycadopsida 3. Pteridospermales Family Glossopteridaces 4.Peltaspermaceae And Corystospermaceae 5.Caytoniaceae 6.Bennettitales 7.Pentoxylales 8.Cycadales 9.Cycadopisda 10.Coniferopsida –Corditales 11. Coniferopsida- Ginkgoales 12. Coniferopsida- Coniferales 13. Coniferals-Life History Of Pinus 14. Coniferopsida-Taxales 15. Family-Ephedraceae 16. Gnetaceae 17. Welwitschiaceae 18. General Topics / Bibliography/ Index