Botany for Degree Students -I(B. Sc. I Year), 5/e

Botany for Degree Students -I(B. Sc. I Year), 5/e

Authors : B P Pandey

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About the Author

B P Pandey :-
B P Pandey, PhD, was formerly Head of Botany Department, J V College, Baraut. He obtained his MSc (Botany) degree from Agra University and PhD (Botany) degree from Meerut University. He has close to 40 years of teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. A prolific author, Dr Pandey has written several books on Botany for BSc and MSc courses, such as Plant Anatomy, Plant Pathology, A Textbook of Botany: Angiosperms, A Taxonomy of Angiosperms, Economic Botany, College Botany (Volume I), College Botany (Volume II), College Botany (Volume III), Botany for Degree Students - First Year, Botany for Degree Students - Second Year, Botany for Degree Students - Third Year, Modern Practical Botany (Volume I), Modern Practical Botany (Volume II) and Modern Practical Botany (Volume III) — all published by S Chand And Company Ltd, New Delhi. These books have been enthusiastically received by the students as well as the teaching fraternity. Besides, being a renowned textbook author, his interest also lies in poetry, both, English and Hindi.

About the Book

The present book is for B.Sc(I) yr, strictly based on UGC Model syllabus for all Indian Universities. Each unit or chapter as the case may be is followed by various types of questions, such as very short, short, long answer questions, digrammatic questions and multiple choice questions, asked repeatedly questions have been included.


Table of Content

Course-I Diversity Of Microbes And Cryptogams |Unit 1: Diveristy Of Microbes Unit 2: Diversity Of Cryptogams: Algae Unit 3: Diveristy Of Cryptogams: Fungi Unit 4: Diveristy Of Cryptogams: Bryophyta Unit 5: Diveristy Of Cryptogams: Pteridophyta|Course –Ii Cell Biology And Genetics|Unit 6: Cell Biology |Unit 7: Genetics –Continuity Of Life