Botany for Degree Students-Pteridophyta, 3/e

Botany for Degree Students-Pteridophyta, 3/e

Authors : A K Sinha, P C Vashishta & ANIL KUMAR

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About the Author

A K Sinha :-
Formerly Reader and Head of Department  - Botany, Feroze Gandhi Postgraduate College (Kanpur University), Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh.

P C Vashishta :-

He is an Associate Professor, Department of Botany at Feroze Gandhi Postgraduate College of Kanpur University.

About the Book

For Degree Level Students


Table of Content

1. The Vascular Cryptogams (Pteridophyta) 2. Division–Psilophyta Class–Psilophytopsida 3. Division–Psilophyta Class –Psilotopsida 4. Lycophyta–Eligulopsida 5. Lycophyta–Ligulopsida 6. Lycophyta–Ligulopsida (Contd.) 7. Sphenophyta (Benson, 1957) 8. Filicophyta Or Pterophyta 9. Eusporangiopsida Ophioglossales 10. Eusporangiopsida(Contd.)– Marattiales 11. Protoleptosporangiopsida 12. Leptosporangiopsida 13. Family Gleicheniaceae Genus Gleichenia 14. Family Polypodiaceae Subfamily Drypteridioideae 15. Family Polypodiaceae Subfamily Pteridoideae 16. Familypolypodiaceae Subfamily Polypodioideae 17. Hymenophyllaceae 18. Pterophyta— Leptosporangiopsida Marsileales 19. Pterophyta —Leptosporangiopsida Salviniales 20. General Discussion Bibliography Reference Books Index