Brand Management

Brand Management

Authors : Y.L.R. Moorthi

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About the Author

Y.L.R. Moorthi :-
He is currently Faculty—Marketing Area at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He is an MTech (Mech) from IIT, Madras and a postgraduate in management from IIM, Bangalore.
He has worked for seven years in different capacities in organisations like HACP, ONGC, HAL and ITC.
His teaching experience spans over nine years and includes conducting programmes for several organisations on different aspects of marketing like business-to-business marketing, consumer marketing, brand management and international marketing.

About the Book

Bridging the gap between theoretical aspects of brand management and the reality of the Indian Market, this crisp and compact book covers five essential topics including brand success, brand equity, brand extension, brand personality and brand repositioning.
The book targets product/brand managers, senior and middle level marketing managers and postgraduate students of management.

Key Features

• Indian examples
• Empirical approach to topics on brand success and brand repositioning
• Highlights 4 personal care product categories namely shampoos, talcum powders, toilet soaps and tooth pastes
• Explains lucidly, intricate methods of measuring brand equity
• Exhaustive treatment of brand personality and brand image

Table of Content

1. Brand Success
2. Brand Equity
3. Brand Extension
4. Brand Personality
5. Brand Repositioning