Business Economics (For CA Foundation), 5/e

Business Economics (For CA Foundation), 5/e

Authors : S K Agarwal

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About the Author

S K Agarwal :-
FCA, ACS, LLB, DISA, AMIMA & ICAI Faculty Member, Delhi.

About the Book

The book has been primarily designed for the students of C.A. Foundation course for the subject Business Economics. It has been revised and remodelled according to the newly introduced C.A. Foundation course. Written in concise and self-explanatory style, this book contains detailed notes and Multiple Choice Questions-Answers with detailed reasoning on Business Economics.

Key Features

• Over 375 chapter-end and 650 book-end multiple choice questions-answers with detailed reasoning to test and strengthen understanding of the concepts
• Specifically designed as per the new CA Foundation syllabus
• New chapter on Business Cycles

Table of Content

1. Introduction to Business Economics
• Nature and Scope of Business Economics • Basic Problems of an Economy and Role of Price Mechanism
2. Theory of Demand and Supply
• Law of Demand and Elasticity of Demand • Theory of Consumer Behaviour • Law of Supply and Elasticity of Supply
3. Theory of Production and Cost
• Theory of Production • Theory of Cost
4. Price Determination in Different Markets
• Meaning and Types of Market • Determination of Equilibrium Price • Price - Output Determination under Different Market Forms
5. Business Cycles

• Additional Questions and Answers with Detailed Reasoning
• Glossary