Business Law, 3/e

Business Law, 3/e

Authors : R S N Pillai & Bagavathi

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About the Author

R S N Pillai :-
He was formerly Professor & Head of the Department (Commerce), Anna College, Aramboly (Kanyakumari). He is well-known for his contributions to education. He has to his credit the authorship of several books which include Fundamentals of Advanced Accounting Vol - I & II , Practical Accounting Vol - I & II, Practical Statistics, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting, modern Commercial Correspondence, Principles and Practices of Management, Office Management, Marketing Management to name few.

Bagavathi :-
An accounting educator has made several academic contributions in the field of accounting. She has to her credit co-authorship of several books.

About the Book

• For the students of B.Com.(Pass & Hons.), CA, CS, Other Equivalent Examinations.

• In this revised and updated edition, the text has undergone an exhaustive revision and a substancial value addition.

• The object of this book Business Law is to set out the basic principles of Mercentile Law simply and clearly.

• The whole book is in the form of capsule model and unneccessary explantions have been removed.

• Vital points have been given in boxes so that students can easily identify and memorise them.

• The book has been written in a simple language and lucid style.


Table of Content

1.Introduction 2.Nature & Kinds Of Contracts (Sections 1-2) 3.Offer & Acceptance (Sections 3-9) 4.Consideration (Sections 2(D), 10,23-25) 5.Contractual Capacity (Sections 10-12 6.Free Consent (Sections 10,13-22 7.Legalitof Object & Consideration (Sections 23-24) 8.Void Agreements (26 – 30) 9.Contingent Contract (Sections 31-36) 10.Performance Of Contract (Sections 36 -67) 11.Quasi Contract (Sections 68 – 72 ) 12.Discarge Of Contracts (Sections 73-75) 13.Remedies For Breach Of Contract (Sections 73 – 75) 14.Contract Of Indemnity & Guarantee (Sections 124 -147) 15.Contract Of Bailment & Pledge (Sections 148 – 181 ) 16.Contract Of Agency (Sections 182 – 238 ) The Sale Of Goods 17.Contract Of Sale Of Goods 18.Conditions & Warranties (Sections 11 – 17 ) 19.Transfer Of Property (18 -30 ) 20.Performance Of Contract Of Sale (Sections 31- 44 ) 21.Remedial Measures (Sections 45 – 61 ) The Indian Partnership Act 22.Nature Of Partnership 23.Relation Of Partners 24.Dissolution Of A Firm The Negotiable Instrument Act 25.Nature Of Negotiable Instruments 26.Parties Of Negotiable Instruments 27.Dishonour & Discharge Of Negotiable The Carriage Of Goods Act 28. Carriage Of Goods By Land 29. Carriage By Sea 30. Carriage By Air The Insolvency Act 31. Law Of Insolvency 32. Property & Debts Of Insolvent 33. Discharge Of Insolvent