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Authors : Chandra Kumar Roy & Prabhat Kumar Roy

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About the Author

Chandra Kumar Roy :-
He has served as an engineer for 6 years and for 31 years in State Bank of India as project manager, appraiser and trainer for bankers and entrepreneurs. For the past 6 years he has been teaching Finance and Project Management at Apeejay Institute of Technology, Greater Noida. He has published three books on Corporate Governance, Values and Ethics, Risk Management and Maintenance Management apart from writing for various international journals.

Prabhat Kumar Roy :-
He is an engineer and management professional having 10 years of experience in managing NGO and his own consultancy work. Earlier to this, he worked in the sales and marketing area with Canon India products. He has co-authored book on Maintenance Management and Risk Management with professor C K Roy.

About the Book

The main objective of this book is to provide a reader friendly study material to the students which will enable them to revise the subject with ease and get high level of retention for examination preparedness.



Unit-1: The Indian Contract Act • Definition and Essentials of Contract • Offer and Acceptance • Consideration • Capacity of Parties • Quasi Contract • Indemnity and Guarantee • Bailment and Pledge • Agency • Free Consents • Performance of Contract • Discharge (Termination) of Contracts • Remedies of Breach of Contract, Unit-2: Types of Contracts • Contingent Contract • Sales of Goods Act • Indian Partnership Act • Negotiable Instruments

Key Features

• Content has been developed according to the syllabus requirements
• The units are written in simple language
• Numerous illustrations, examples and case studies for better understanding of concepts
• Chapter end questions for practice