Business Statistics: Problems & Solutions

Business Statistics: Problems & Solutions

Authors : J K Sharma

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About the Author

J K Sharma :-

J K Sharma, formerly a Professor at the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, has more than 40 years of teaching experience of Operations Research, Business Statistics, Business Mathematics, Supply Chain Management, and Project Management. He was awarded the Madan Mohan Gold Medal for securing first position in MSc (Mathematics) examination. He has been a visiting Professor at Group ESSEC (A Graduate School of Management) in France during 1992-94; Amity University, Dubai campus during 2011-12; and Amity Institute of Higher Education, Mauritius during 2012-13. He has authored 25 books, which have been widely appreciated by the students of undergraduate and postgraduate classes of all the Indian universities/management institutes, and has also written more than 135 research papers/case studies. Also 21 students got Ph.D. degree under his supervision.

Dr. Sharma has served as Founder Director of G L Bajaj Institute of Management and Research, Greater Noida; Institute of Management Studies, Noida; and Maharishi Institute of Management, Noida. He is associated with several Schools of Management in different roles in the country and is also involved in conducting management development programmes for both public as well as private sector companies.


About the Book

Precise and to the point, this book elucidates the key concepts and methods of business statistics. It aims to supplement textbooks on business statistics and upgrade the student's knowledge and skill in the subject. It also helps them understand the application of statistical methods in real-life problems. This book meets the requirements of BBA, B Com (Hons), MBA, and M Com students.


1. Data Classification, Tabulation, and Presentation, 2. Measures of Central Tendency, 3. Measures of Dispersion, 4. Skewness, Moments, and Kurtosis, 5. Fundamentals of Probability, 6. Probability Distributions, 7. Sampling and Sampling Distributions, 8. Estimation and Confidence Intervals, 9. Hypothesis Testing, 10. Chi-Square and Other Non-Parametric Tests, 11. Analysis of Variance, 12. Correlation Analysis, 13. Regression Analysis, 14. Partial and Multiple Correlation, and Regression Analysis, 15. Forecasting and Time Series Analysis, 16. Index Numbers, 17. Statistical Quality Control, 18. Statistical Decision Theory, 19. Interpolation and Extrapolation, 20. Associations of Attributes


Key Features

• Complete conformity to the latest trend of questions appearing in universities and professional examination.
• Variety of solved examples to provide an integrated view of theory and applications of statistical methods.
• Chapters include:
• More than 500 solved problems
• More than 450 unsolved questions for practice
• Answers and sufficient hints to unsolved problems to enable students to learn at their own pace.