C and Data Structures, 1/e

C and Data Structures, 1/e

Authors : N B Venkateswarlu & E V Prasad

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About the Author

N B Venkateswarlu :-
He got his Ph.D. from BITS, Pilani in January 1993 in "Parallel Image Processing Algorithms"/ From 1993 Jan to mid of 1995, he had worked at University of Leeds, U K as a visiting fellow. He completed his M Tech from IIT-Kanpur in 1988 and B Tech from University College of Engineering, Tirupathi in 1986. Soon after M.Tech, he joined BITS, Pilani as a Lecturer and actively participated in developing the Computer Science Department.

Presently, he is a senior professor of CSE at AITAM, Tekkali. He is also member of Board of Studies, JNTU, Kakinada. He worked as a member of National Resource Center on Free Open Source Software (NRC-FOSS) of Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India.

E V Prasad :- Ph.D.(IIT-Roorkee); Professor of CSE & Principal, JNTU College of Engineering, JNT University, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India

About the Book

• A Snap Shot Oriented Treatise with Live Engineering Examples.

• Each chapter is is supplemented with concept oriented questions  with answers and explanations.

• Some practical life problems from Education, business are included.


Table of Content

1. Brief Introduction to Computers, 2. Basics of C Language and Program Development, 3. C Operators, 4. Character Variables, 5. Control Structures, 6. While Loop: The Dawn of Logic, 7. String Variables, 8. The Do-While Loop, 9. For Loop, 10. One Dimensional Arrays: Excluding Strings, 11. 2-D Character Arrays, 12. Multidimensional Arrays, 13. Functions, 14. Recursive Functions, 15. Macros and Preprocessor Directives, 16. Pointers, 17. Userdefined variables: Structures, Unions, Enumerators, 18. Redirection Operators and Command Line Arguments, 19. Data Files, 20. Bit-wise Operators, 21. Functions with Variable Number of Arguments, 22. How Main Executes?, 23. Make, 24. Introduction to Graphic Programming using C, 25. Introduction to Function Pointers, 26. Mixing C and Assembly, 27. Common Programming Errors, 28. Introduction to Data Structures, 29. Pattern Matching, 30. Sorting and Searching Algorithms, 31. Stack and Queues, 32. Linked Lists, 33. Trees, 34. Graphs, 35. Collection of Sample Questions • Appendix-A: Some Useful Functions • Appendix-B: ASCII Table • Appendix-C: Style Guide • Index