C-Simpler (Concepts of C Language Including Programming Challenges), 1/e

C-Simpler (Concepts of C Language Including Programming Challenges), 1/e

Authors : Dr. D.P. Kothari, Er. Subashri V & Er. Shriram K Vasudevan

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About the Author

Dr. D.P. Kothari :- ME,Ph.D.

Er. Subashri V :- M.TECH.

Er. Shriram K Vasudevan :- M.Tech, MBA,, (Ph.D.)

About the Book

C-Simpler, the title of the book itself talks about the nature of the contents of this book.
This book explains all the concepts of C language in a form that is well suited fro the beginners. Each and every concept has been explained with example programs. And interest is also paid on how to write C programs using Linux/Unix.


Table of Content

1. Introduction To C Programming 2. Conditional Constructs And Looping 3. Arrays 4. Operators 5.Functions 6. Storage Qualifiers 7. Pointers 8. Structures And Unions 9. Strings 10. File Handling In C 11. Data Structures Using C 12. Command Line Arguments 13. C Programming In Unix/Linux 14. Pre-Processor Directives 15. Coding Guideline