Chordate Embryology, 1/e

Chordate Embryology, 1/e

Authors : Dr. P S Verma & Dr. V K Agarwal

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About the Author

Dr. P S Verma :-
He is M.Sc., PhD, F.E.S.I. and F.A.Z, has immense teaching experience. He taught Zoology to undergraduate and postgraduate students at Meerut College, Meerut till 2000. Dr. Verma has engaged in active research, and also successfully guided several PhD students. He has to his credit publication of several research papers.
A celebrated author, Dr. Verma has written several books on Zoology. His books include Biology for Schools, and Biology for classes XI and XII (CBSE and ISC). He has also written several books for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. His books have been very popular among the student community.
His famous books include Invertebrate Zoology, Chordate Zoology, Practical Zoology (Invertebrate), Practical Zoology (Chordate), Cell Biology, Genetics, Cytology, Chordate Embryology, Textbook of Biology for class IX, Textbook of Biology for classes XI and XII and ISC Biology for classes XI and XII.

Dr. V K Agarwal :-
MSc, PhD, has rich teaching experience of more than four decades at Meerut College, Meerut. He has taught subjects such as Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Chordate Embryology (Developmental Biology), Invertebrate Zoology, Chordate Zoology, Evolution, Ecology, Animal Behaviour (Ethology) to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Dr Agarwal has to his credit the authorship of several widely acclaimed books such as Cell Biology, Genetics, Chordate Embryology (Developmental Biology), Ecology (Environmental Biology), Ethology (Animal Behaviour), Zoology for Degree Students- BSc First Year (includes Invertebrate Zoology), Zoology for Degree Students-Semester III, Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, and a multi-coloured edition of Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Evolution and Ecology. The author has also co-authored CBSE - IX Biology. He has also published few research papers on Insect Physiology and Toxicology.

About the Book

For B.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons.) and M.Sc. students of All Indian Universities. Includes Development Biology of Non Chordates and Chordates. Almost all the old chapters have been either rewritten and refasioned. More than one hundred new illustrations and many new tables have been added. In this edition every effort has been made to incorporate all the current information of embryology yet retaining classical views od provide a complete picture of the subject to the students and teachers.


Table of Content

1. Introduction | Cellular Basic Of Development| Dna, Rna, And Protein Synthesis| Male Gonads And Spermatogenesis| Female Gonads And Oogenesis| Semination, Ovulation And Transportation Of Gametes | Reproductive Cycles| Fertilization| Parthnogenises|Cleavage And Blastulation|Nucleus And Cytoplasm In Development|Fate Maps And Cell Lineage|Gastrulation|Neurulation,Morphogenises And Growth|Embryogenesis Of Simple Ascidian|Embryogenises Of Amphioxus|Embryogenises Of Frog|Detailes Account Of Organogenesis Of Frog|Embrogenesis Of Chick|Early Embrogenesis Of Eutherian Mammal-Rabbiplacenta And Placentation|Gradient Theory|Embryonic Inductions And Competence|Differentiation|Asexual Reproduction |Regenerationmetamorphosis|Teratogenesis|Birth Control|Impotency,Sterlity,Artificial Insemination.Test Tube Baby Abd Gift|Glossary/Selected Reading/Index