College Botany Volume I, 20/e

College Botany Volume I, 20/e

Authors : B P Pandey

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About the Author

B P Pandey :-
B P Pandey, PhD, was formerly Head of Botany Department, J V College, Baraut. He obtained his MSc (Botany) degree from Agra University and PhD (Botany) degree from Meerut University. He has close to 40 years of teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. A prolific author, Dr Pandey has written several books on Botany for BSc and MSc courses, such as Plant Anatomy, Plant Pathology, A Textbook of Botany: Angiosperms, A Taxonomy of Angiosperms, Economic Botany, College Botany (Volume I), College Botany (Volume II), College Botany (Volume III), Botany for Degree Students - First Year, Botany for Degree Students - Second Year, Botany for Degree Students - Third Year, Modern Practical Botany (Volume I), Modern Practical Botany (Volume II) and Modern Practical Botany (Volume III) — all published by S Chand And Company Ltd, New Delhi. These books have been enthusiastically received by the students as well as the teaching fraternity. Besides, being a renowned textbook author, his interest also lies in poetry, both, English and Hindi.

About the Book

For Degree, Honours and Postgraduate Students


Table of Content

Algae|General Topics|Cyanophcophyta-Myxophyceae Blue Green Algae- Cyanobacteria|Chlorophycophyta- Chlorophyceae Green Algae|Charophyta-Charophyceae Stoneworts|Xanthophycophyta-Xanthophyceae Yellow Green Algae|Bacillariophycophyta- Bacillariophyceae Diatoms|Phaeophycophyta-Phaeophyceae Brown Algae|Rhodophycophyta-Rhodophyceae Red Algae|Fungi: Introduction|Classification Of Fungi|Class Myxomycetes|Class Chytridiomycetes|Bacterial,Virul And Fungal Diseases Of Plants|Principals Of Plants Diseases Control|Methods Of Studying Plant Diseases|Mocrobiology|Bacteria,Mycoplasma,Actinomycetes And Cyanobacteria|Viruses|Human Diseases By Bacterial Viral And Fungal Pathogens|Industrial Uses Of Micro-Organism|Bryophyta: Introduction|Classification Of Bryophytes|Order Marchantiales|Order Metzgeriales|Order Jungermanniales|Order Calobryales| Order Takakiales| Order Anthocerotales| Order Sphagnales| Order Funarials| Order Polytrichales|General Discussion/ Question Bank/Further Reading/Glossary•Index