Authors : Dr Shalini Verma & REETESH ANAND

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About the Author

Dr Shalini Verma :-
She is PhD in Communications and Diploma in Training and Development, she has Masters Degrees in four areas — English Literature, Communications & Journalism, Human Rights and Business Administration. 
At present, Dr Verma holds the position of Associate Professor & Area Chairperson— Business Communication, at Jaipuria Institute of Management, NOIDA. Formerly, she was associated as Assistant Professor— Business Communication with the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)-accredited India MBA programme, College of Business, Ohio University, USA and ISTAO, Italy. 
Dr Verma is a Communication Coach, Body Language Expert and the Founder of Pollyanna Positive Parivartan Pvt Ltd., a Delhi-based consultancy firm with operations across the world. Besides teaching and training, Dr Verma has authored 60 books across genres — 20 HE (Higher Education, including Management), 30 ELT (English Language Teaching) and Life Skills Books for Schools and 10 Test Prep books.

He has been a mainstream business journalist for about a decade. Apart from his Masters' Degree in English Literature, he holds a PG Diploma from the prestigious IIMC (Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Dhenkanal, Odisha).
He has worked with some of the leading national dailies and business newspapers of India. A skilled writer and editor, Anand has written several articles for newspapers, magazines and web portals. Anand's areas of interest include reading, writing, sketching and listening to music.

About the Book

A rapid-learning text on English, the book is written so that we avoid all pitfalls of the language.

Key Features

• 1500 Chapter-end questions divided equally among 10 chapters with varying levels of difficulty, i.e. Low-Medium-High
• 5 Self-Assessment Tests - 500 practice questions with explanatory answers

Table of Content

Part-I: Common Errors in English: An Introduction
• Parts of Speech (Part I) • Parts of Speech (Part II) • Determiners, Quantifiers and Articles • Tenses • Syntax • Idiomatic Expressions and Phrasal Verbs • Some Confusing Words and Phrases • Spelling Rules • Punctuation and Capitalization • Miscellaneous Errors in English Usage

Part-II: Self-Assessment Tests