Comprehensive Biotechnology, 1/e

Comprehensive Biotechnology, 1/e

Authors : K G Ramawat & Shaily Goyal

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About the Author

K G Ramawat :- Ex-Head, Deptt. Of Botany, M.L.Sukadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Shaily Goyal :-

About the Book

• For B.Sc. and M.Sc. Students of Different Indian Universities as per UGC Model Curriculum.

• This is revised edition of the book "Plant Biotechnology".

• Several new topics such as Aquporins, Artificial intelligence Automation in Micropropagation, Biochips, Green House, Hydroponic, Inteins, Nanotechnology, Space Biotechnology, Supercritical Fluid extraction, etc. have been included in this revised.

• This edition provides latest information on the frontier area of biotechnology.


Table of Content

|Introduction To Biotechnology|Macromolecules|Concept Of Gene|Plasmids And Vectors|Principles Of Recombinant Technology|Gene Integration And Expression Vectors|Tools Of Molecular Biology|Polymerase Chain Reaction|Molecular Markers|Mapping The Genome|Advance Biotechnology|Introduction To Plant Tissue Culture:History,Media And Culture Initiation|Techniques For The Study Of Cells|Cell Immobilization And Synthetic Seed Technology|Plant Protoplasts:Isolation,Culture And Somatic Hrbridization|Haploids