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About the Author

She is Professor of Accounting and Finance at the University Business School, Panjab University, Chandigarh. She received her Ph.D. (Business Management and Commerce) from Panjab University in 1996.
She has a master's degree in commerce from Panjab University. Dr.Gill has also co-authored a book titled Cost Management: A Strategic Approach. She has undertaken several national-level research projects industry consultancies, and technical publications in national and international journals. She has participated as a paper presenter, chair and discussant in a number of prestigious conferences around the world. She has over a decade of experience in guiding and supervising research work. Her research interests include strategic cost management, transfer pricing, corporate governance, and ethics. She is an associate member of the Society for Capital Market Research and Development, New Delhi and a life-time member of the Chandigarh Management Association, Chandigarh.

About the Book

Cost and Management Accounting: Fundamentals and its Applications caters to a much needed requirement of a text that is contemporary and at the same time provides a concise approach to cost and management accounting in the Indian context. Every effort is made in this book to expose the students to the relevance of cost concepts in managerial decision-making.


• Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting • Forces Shaping Business Environment and their Effect on Cost and Management Accounting • Strategic Management Accounting • Cost Measurement and Estimation • Alternative Cost Accumulation Systems • Job Order Costing • Process Costing • Activity-Based Costing and Customer Profitability Analysis • Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis • Tactical and Pricing Decisions • Capital Investment Decisions • Budgetary Planning and Control • Standard Costing and Variance Analysis • Quality and Environmental Costs: Management and Control • Responsibility Accounting, Performance Evaluation, and Transfer Pricing • Financial Statement Analysis

Key Features

Learning Objectives: These objectives, at the beginning of each chapter, outline the flow of a chapter and serve as points of comprehension and evaluation. 
Chapter Opening Case: Each chapter opens with an interesting case of a hypothetical company, posing an issue directly related to the concepts covered in the chapter. This should help the student to relate the chapter's theoretical content to an actual business setting.
Opening Case Linkages: Each chapter opening case is revisited later in the chapter, after the students have gained an understanding of the concepts and techniques needed to address it.
Link to Practice: All chapters incorporate multiple real-world applications of management accounting concepts. These provide an opportunity for the students to bridge the text material to actual accounting practice.
Research Insights: Each chapter discusses current research relevant to the theory and practice of cost and management accounting to assist students develop proper reasoning about the topics under discussion.
You are the Decision Maker: Each chapter poses short, thought-provoking questions in order to motivate students to apply the knowledge they have gained.
Ethical Dilemma (Real World Cases): The cases talk about importance of business ethics in managerial accounting
Coverage of Diverse Industries and Sectors: The book has a balanced mix of manufacturing, service, trading, mature and start-up companies, taken as a background to illustrate the universality of application of cost management tools.
Illustration Problems: Two solved review problems accompanied by solutions in each chapter. These problems demonstrate the applicability of major concepts and procedures covered in the chapter.
Glossary: Comprehensive glossary at the end of the book.