Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Authors : Mallika Srivastava

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About the Author

Mallika Srivastava :-
She is Ph.D in Customer Relationship Management-Marketing &Master of Management Studies (MMS). She has rich teaching experience in CRM, sales and distribution and marketing management with corporate work experience in project management, customer relationship management, systems design & development, training and implementation. She has varied experience in training as well as handling independent projects.

About the Book

With the aim of developing a successful CRM program this book begins with defining CRM and describing the elements of total customer experience, focusing on the front-end organizations that directly touch the customer. The book further discusses dynamics in CRM in services, business market, human resource and rural market. It also discusses the technology aspects of CRM like data mining, technological tools and most importantly social CRM.
The book can serve as a guide for deploying CRM in an organization stating the critical success factors.

Key Features

• Basic concepts of CRM and environmental changes that lead to CRM adoption
• Technological advancements that have served as catalyst for managing relationships
• Customer strategy as a necessary and important element for managing every successful organization
• CRM is not about developing a friendly relationship with the customers but involves developing strategies for retention, and using them for achieving very high levels of customer satisfaction
• The concept of customer loyalty management as an important business strategy
• The role of CRM in business market
• The importance of people factors for the organization from the customer's perspective
• Central role of customer related databases to successfully deliver CRM objectives
• Data, people, infrastructure, and budget are the four main areas that support the desired CRM strategy

Table of Content

Unit-I: Introduction to CRM: 1. Conceptual Foundation of CRM, 2. CRM and Customer Centricity, 3. CRM: A Strategic Approach to Marketing, Unit-2: Principles of Managing Customer Relationship: 4. Strategies to Build Relationship, 5. Customer Acquisition and Retention, 6. Customer Loyalty, 7. Customer Satisfaction, Unit-3: Dynamics in CRM: 8. Strategic CRM in Services, 9. Strategic CRM in B2B Market, 10. Role of People Management in Building Customer Relationships, 11. Customer Experience Management, 12. CRM in Rural Markets, 13. Measuring The Success of CRM-Based Initiatives, Unit-4: Impact of Technology on CRM: 14. Data Mining and CRM, 15. Impact of Technology on CRM, 16. CRM to Social CRM, Unit-5: CRM Implementation Roadmap: 17. Deploying CRM in an Organization, 18. Guarding Against CRM Failures