Cytogentics,Evolution and Biostatistics, 2/e

Cytogentics,Evolution and Biostatistics, 2/e

Authors : P S Chandel & R S Shukla

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About the Author

P S Chandel :-

R S Shukla :-

About the Book

For Degree level Students


Table of Content

Cytology |The Cell|Cell Membrane|Plastids|Mitochondria|Endoplasmic Reticulum And Ribosomes|Golgi Complex|Lysosomes And Microbodies|Nucleus|Chromosomes|Nucleic Acids|Division Of Cell Genetics|Development Of Genetics As A Branch Of Biology|Mendel And His Laws Of Heridity|Correlation Between Mendel’S Theory And Chromosome’S Behaviour|The Expansions Of Mendelian Laws|Linkage And Crossing Over|Sex Determination And Sex Linkage|Cytoplasmic Inheritance |Modern Concepts Of Gene|Gene Action|The Genetic Code And Regulation Of Protein Synthesis|Mutation|Variation In Chromosome Number|Genetic Engineering Or Recombinant Dna Technology|Micropropagation Of Plants|Modern Concept On The Origin Of Life|Evolution|Biostatics|Data Presentation|Measures Of Central Tendency|Measures Of Dispersion Or Spread|Probability|Tests Of Significance|Correlation|Regression