Data Communication and Computer Networks, 1/e

Data Communication and Computer Networks, 1/e

Authors : Rajneesh Aggarwal

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About the Author

Rajneesh Aggarwal :- Rajneesh Agrawal is working as senior scientist in the Department of information Technology under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. He is an MTech in Electronics from the University of Allahabad and is actively associated with academic and research activities. He has more than 22 years of experience in the area of electronics and information technology. His interest in the field of education, international cooperation, training, research and development have yielded many a successful projects ranging form process control automation to networking. He has written books titled, Multimedia Systems and Data Communication and Computer Networks. He has also produced a number of research papers.

About the Book

Data Communication and Computer Networks deals with various aspects of the subject vis-à-vis the emerging trends in network-centric information technology. It provides the reader with an in-depth framework of the fundamental concepts. Networking involves different kinds of personal computers, the operating system, the network adapter, the adapter drivers, cabling, and the protocols connecting these items. Likewise, there are many techniques of data communication such as modulation, multiplexing and analog to digital conversion. Constant demand from IT professionals and individuals leads to rapid and unbounded growth of both data communications and networks in terms of better applications and improved opportunities. This book provides a good learning platform to the people who need to be skilled without going into the details of computer programming. An attempt has been made to explain the underlying concepts to lead students and professionals from the hardware level right up to the application level. Most currently relevant areas have been covered. A study of them will encourage inquisitiveness about the concepts, tools, technologies and applications. There are 14 chapters and an elaborate glossary for quick reference. Chapters have been organised independently with clearly set out links with previous chapters. Data communication and computer networks are extremely exciting fields and therefore a good amount of emphasis has been put to prepare objective questions so that the student may enjoy the exercises in a most effective way to test his/her understanding of the concepts.


  • Fundamentals of Data Communications
  • Wide Area Network
  • Transmission Media
  • OSI Model and TCP/IP Suite
  • Data Modems
  • Data Transmission Networks
  • Multichannel Data Communications
  • Wireless Mobile Communication
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Fiber Optics Communications
  • Data Link Protocol
  • Security
  • Local Area Network
  • Internet Architecture