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About the Author

He graduated in BE (Civil Engg.) in 1965 from PSG Colleges of Technology, then under University of Madras. He took his M.Tech. Degree in Structural Engineering from IIT, Madras in the year 1967. He was awarded the Presidents Gold Medal for his outstanding performance in the M.Tech. Programme. Later he obtained his Ph.D degree in 1978 from the University of Madras. Starting as a Lecturer at PSG College of Technology in 1967, he had risen to the position of Professor and Head of Civil Engineering, over an academic career of 33 years, before his retirement in 2001 June. He was teaching steel structures for undergraduate and post graduate classes during his entire teaching career. He has been engaged in designing steel structures specializing in forms and structures needed for cost and weight reduction like, lattice purlins, double plane trusses, pyramids and vaulted structures. One of his recent design for Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore was a lattice steel arch spanning a record span of 80m with purlin spans up to 24m. He is presently the Managing Director of structural design firm Mithran Structures (P) Limited.

He graduated in BE (Civil Engg) in 1987 from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, then under Madurai Kamarajar University. He took his ME degree in Structural Engineering from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore in 1993 under Bharathiar University. Later he obtained his PhD degree in Civil Engineering in the year 2004 from Bharathiar University. He has been teaching from 1987 at Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences (Deemed University). He has been serving this Institution in various capacities as Lecturer, Assistant Professor and presently Professor and Director of School of Civil Engineering and has taught Design of Steel Structures for more than 20 years now to the Undergraduate students and Post graduate students.

About the Book

This book is an effort to provide an introductory platform for the learners of steel structural design as part of undergraduate curriculum. Elements design on limit state design as envisaged by Indian code of Practice - General construction in steel IS 800-2007 are explained. Theoretical concepts which form the basis of codal provisions are explained.
Emphasis on principal axes based compression members, peripheral load distribution for base plates, Limit state design of base plate bearing column with moment, un-symmetrically loaded beam design, tension field web design in plate girders, section and member design for bi-axially loaded beam columns are unique areas covered in the book. 
Practical insight to field requirements has been provided in chapters of applied design. Gantry girders and Industrial roof design.


Structural Design • Tension Members • Welded Connections • Bolted Connections • Compression Members • Column Base • Beams • Laterally Unrestrained Beams • Plate Girders • Industrial Roof Structure • Design of Members under Combined Forces • Gantry Girders and Columns • Tables

Key Features

• Splitting of design problem into basic steps
• Inclusion of simplified design rules which will help the practicing engineers
• Examples under each chapter to illustrate the concepts discussed