Dictionary of Biochemistry, 1/e

Dictionary of Biochemistry, 1/e

Authors : J L Jain, Nitin Jain & Sunjay Jain

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About the Author

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About the Book

Appendix I     :  Selected Bibliography
Appendix II    :  Greek Alphabet
Appendix III   :  Exponential Notation
Appendix IV   :  The International System Of Units
Appendix V    :  Comparison Of metric and Other Units
Appendix VI   :  Mathematical Sings and Symbols
Appendix VII  :  Relative Sizes of Structures, from Atoms to Eggs
Appendix VIII :  List of Abbreviations and Symbols
Appendix IX   : The Nobel Prizes
Appendix X    :  A Chronology of Biochemistry


Table of Content

1)Contains Life And Works Of Over 200 Biochemists 2)Nearly 8000 Main Entries, Organized Alphabetically 3)Illustrated Matter With Well-Labelled Multicoloured Diagrams 4)Separate Sections For Biochemical Text (Section-A), Biochemists (Section-B), And 10 Appendices (Section-C) 5)Includes Selected Biographies, International System Of Units, A Chronology Of Biochemistry And Much More