Authors : ATIS D MITRA

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About the Author

He has taught at ISM Dhanbad and worked in organizations such as Defence Electronics Applications Lab, and Bharat Electronics Limited, has the perfect blend of academic and industry experience. He has been instrumental in the design and development of frequency synthesizers, digital mobile troposcatter communication systems and mobile satellite communication systems with facilities of subscriber dialing up any telephone. In addition to publication of research papers in national and international journals, he has been involved in writing a DRDO sponsored monograph on issues on development of mobile communication system using orbiting satellites.

About the Book

Digital Communications is the result of the author's 38 years' experience in teaching, and in design and development of various wireless communication systems. It covers all primary areas in digital communication systems in engineering. The book intends to give the students a grasp of the basic issues of communication systems during transition from analog to digital. To make the reading interesting as well as systematic, conscious efforts have been made to explain the basics of technology, avoiding complex mathematics as far as possible. Numerical problems are then introduced to help the students fully understand the concepts and applications.

Key Features

• Complete and thorough introduction to the analysis and design of digital communication systems
• Concepts explained with practical applications derived from the personal experience of the author
• Analytical steps of all derivation without any external reference
• Numerous numerical examples to help students understand the fundamental applications of the concepts in practice

Table of Content

• Digital Communications Fundamentals
• Digital Modulation Techniques
• Digital Demodulation Techniques
• Noise and its Management in Digital Communication
• Information Theory, Coding and Error Correction
• Advanced Communication Systems and Technology