Electrical Machines and Power Systems (Problems With Solutions), 1/e

Electrical Machines and Power Systems (Problems With Solutions), 1/e

Authors : Dr. C S Indulkar

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About the Author

Dr. C S Indulkar :-

About the Book

This book contains problems in Electrical Machines & Powert Systems (Problems with Solutions). I have used these and other problems in the class room for many years. In most of the solutions I have deliberately avoided giving theoretical explantions, because an average student should know the theyr well before attempting to solve any proble. However, in each chapter, I have provided a brief introduction related to the chapter so that students are made aware of the contents of the chapter before reading the problems and their solutions. The introduction related to each chapter contains Objective type Questions and their answers. The introductions contains brief notes on the topics of the chapters and also include Indian Standards for testing and maintenance of substation, equipments, transformer, overhead lines, underground cables and materials.

Table of Content

|D. C. Machines|Synchronous Machines|Induction Motor|Overhead Lines|Underground Cables|Transformers |Circuit -Breakers /Substations|Power Flows |Shortcircuit Calculations|Protection|Steadystate Stability|Transient Stability |Over Voltages|Automatic