Elements of Real Analysis, 7/e

Elements of Real Analysis, 7/e

Authors : Dr. M.D. Raisinghania & Shanti Narayan

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About the Author

Dr. M.D. Raisinghania :-
Former Reader and Head of the Mathematics Department, S.D. College, Muzaffarnagar. He obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics on the thesis entitled "An Analytical Study of Some Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow Problems". He has 38 years of teaching experience. Dr. Raisinghania has published several research papers in the area of Fluid Mechanics in reputed journals.

Shanti Narayan :- Former Dean of Colleges, Principal, Hans Raj College, Delhi

About the Book

In this book the reviser Dr.M.D.Raisinghania added the latest papers of GATE, CSIR-UGC(NET) and latest questions of different Universities by making a separate appendix with the heading "MISCELLANEOUS RESULTS AND PROBLEMS BASED ON THE ENTIRE BOOK".


Other important feature of the book is chapter-22 has been re-written and new useful results have been included in this chapter.  Now the book is useful for Graduate students of Mathematics and Physics and the book is also useful for Post Graduate students of Mathematics.  It is also useful for  competition examinations like GATE, CSIR-UGC(NET) and various other competition examinations. 


This book is an attempt to make presentation of Elements of Real Analysis more lucid. The book contains examples and exercises meant to help a proper understanding of the text. For B.A., B.Sc. and Honours (Mathematics and Physics), M.A. and M.Sc. (Mathematics) students of various Universities/ Institutions.As per UGC Model Curriculum and for I.A.S. and Various other competitive exams.

Table of Content

Sets And Functions | The Real Numbers | Neighbours And Limit Points Of A Set | Countability Of Sets | Sequences | Infinite Sets With Positive Terms | Infinite Series With Positive And Negative Terms | Real Functions Limit And Countinuity | Real Functions