Engineering Fluid Mechanics: (Single Colour Low Priced Edition)

Engineering Fluid Mechanics: <Span Class="Subtitlevalue">(Single Colour Low Priced Edition) </Span>

Authors : Prof. K L Kumar

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About the Author

Prof. K L Kumar :-
He was former Professor and Head of Department of Applied Mechanics at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi until 1980 has the distinction of being appointed as UNESCO Expert and Chief Technical Advisor in the Middle East during 1980-1986. He rejoined IIT Delhi in 1987 as Professor in Educational Technology and rose to be the Head of the Centre until he left in 1998. He has had a distinguished career of doing his B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) with Distinction in 1960 from Delhi University, his M. E. (Applied Thermodynamics) in 1963 from Roorkee University, now IIT Roorkee, and he obtained his Ph. D. and DIC from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London University in 1969 under the Colombo Plan Fellowship sponsored by the British Council, U.K. 
Currently, he is the Professor, having been the Head of Department of Industrial Design and Technology at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Botswana for over ten years. In his career span of four decades, Professor Kumar has published over 50 research papers in international journals, presented over 30 papers at International conferences throughout the world and coordinated international projects sponsored by the British Council, World Bank, AT & T, International Council of Distance Education, AICTE, ISTE and several other sponsors. He has been a visiting Professor at the University of Birmingham, UK and at the Southern Queensland University, Australia. He is also the recipient of National Award in Educational Technology by the Indian Society of Technical Education.

About the Book

In its 39th year of Publishing, Engineering Fluid Mechanics continues to evolve with the times. Pedagogically sound, the book delves into important concepts such as Fluid Statics, Kinematics and Dynamics. From concepts which as are early as Bernoulli equation (17th century) till today, the book encompasses the chief concepts of the subject with solved examples so that the reader does not miss on any knowledge that is required.

Key Features

• A unique "Zero Chapter" eases the reader into the subject with a visual focus.
• 425+ Objective (MCQs, T/F, and the classic Match the following) and Subjective Chapter-end Questions with Answers (and a time-line to solve them in).
• Supplementary solved examples have been added for practice.

Table of Content

• The world of Fluid Mechanics: What, Why and How? • Introduction Concepts • Fluid Statics • Fluid Kinematics • Fluid Dynamics • Flow Measurement • Ideal Fluid Flow • Laminar Flow • Boundary Layer Flow • Flow around Immersed Bodies • Flow through Pipes • Flow through Open Channels • Compressible Flow • Dimensional Analysis and Similitude • Fluid Machines