Engineering Graphics and Design (For Polytechnic Students): (Based on AICTE Model Curriculum and Syllabus)

Engineering Graphics and Design (For Polytechnic Students): <Span Class="Subtitlevalue">(Based on AICTE Model Curriculum and Syllabus) </Span>

Authors : T Jeyapoovan

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About the Author

T Jeyapoovan :-
He is Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hindustan University, Chennai. He obtained his BTech in Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram. He is an alumnus of BITS, Pilani from where he completed his MS in software systems. He also holds an ME degree in computer-aided design from Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai and PhD from Anna University, Chennai. Dr Jeyapoovan has around three decades of teaching experience, specializing in engineering drawing and graphics, computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). He is a life member of ISTE. Being student-friendly, his books have been prescribed in many universities.

About the Book

This is a completely revised book in line with ';Outcome Based Education (OBE)' that is currently being followed by most universities. Also, the engineering drawings in the book have been prepared using the latest version of AuotCAD.
The book has all the assessment tools like assessment exercise, short answer questions with answers, fill in the blanks and multiple choice questions (MCQs).
A special feature of this book is that free downloads of (i) additional learning material, (ii) PowerPoint presentations and (iii) video lectures are available on the author's website

Key Features

After completing this book, the students will be able to
• preform free-hand sketching of basic geometrical constructions and of multiple views of objects
• execute orthographic projections of lines and plane surfaces
• draw projections of solids and development of surfaces
• prepare isometric and perspective projection of simple solids
• demonstrate computer-aided drafting

Table of Content

1. Laplace Transformation
2.  Vector Differential Calculus 
3. Vector Integral Calculus 
4. Analytic Functions
5. Complex Integration