Engineering Graphics, 5/e

Engineering Graphics, 5/e

Authors : P.J. Shah

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About the Author

P.J. Shah :-
He has done B.E. (Mechanical) and M.E. (Mechanical) from L.D. College of Engineering, affiliated to Gujarat University in 1960. He has a vast experience of teaching for last 48 years. Prof. Shah has written 3 books for technical high schools, 2 books for diploma students and many other books for undergraduate students of Gujarat University and Mumbai University. He has to his credit 15 books.
He was awarded 4 prizes for his exhibits at "Do It Yourself, State Level Exhibition" arranged by Tech. Edu. Deptt., Government of Gujarat.

About the Book

Revised Edition 2014
This publication deals with the language of engineers, i.e., Engineering Graphics. It is based on the syllabus of Gujarat Technological University and also useful for the students of other Indian Universities and the Technical Examination Boards of Various States.
In this revised edition, a new scetion, ';Additional Problems' is given at last for adequate practice.


Table of Content

1. Drafting Equipments 1–18 2. Sheet Sizes, Scales, Lines And Lettering 19–28 3. Scales 29–34 4. Loci Of Points 35–61 5. Engineering Curves 62–105 6. Projections, Planes Of Projections And Systems Of Projections 106–115 7. Orthographic Projections Of Points 116–124 8. Projections Of Straight Lines 125–149 9. Projections Of Planes 150–171 10. Projections Of Point, Line And Plane On Auxiliary Planes 172–183 11. Projections Of Solids 184–217 12. Sections Of Solids 218–257 13. Development Of Surfaces Of Solids 258–293 14. Orthographic Projections 294–321 15. Sectional Orthographic Projections 322–361 16. Isometric Projection/View/Drawing 362–415 (Ax Onometric Projection) 17. Dimensioning 416–433 Solutions To Exercises 435–441 Examination Papers With Solutions 443–504 Additional Problems 505–520