Authors : Bikas Chandra Bhui

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About the Author

Bikas Chandra Bhui :-
He is Head of the Mathematics Department at Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology, a leading engineering college of Kolkata. Earlier he taught at West Bengal University of Technology. He did his masters from Jadavpur University and has published nearly a dozen research papers on Cosmology in national and international journals of repute. He has written a large number of books on mathematics which became students' favourite because of the ease with which they explained the concepts.

About the Book

Engineering Mathematics II has been written for first year students of Calicut University. The book has been developed to facilitate physical interpretation of concepts and application of the various notions in engineering and technology. The solved examples given in the book are a significant value-addition.
Author's long experience of teaching various grades of students has contributed towards the quality of this book. An emphasis on various techniques of solving complex problems will be of immense help to the students.


• Equations of first order • Orthogonal Trajectories • Linear Second Order Equations • Gamma and Beta Functions • Laplace Transform • Vector Function of a Single Variable • Gradient of Scalar Fields • Line , Surface and Volume Integrals

Key Features

• Brief but thorough discussion of theory
• Examination-oriented approach
• Techniques for solving difficult questions
• Solutions to a large number of technical problems