Engineering Mathematics Vol 2 (WBUT), 2/e

Engineering Mathematics Vol 2 (WBUT), 2/e

Authors : Bikas Chandra Bhui & Dipak Chatterjee

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About the Author

Bikas Chandra Bhui :-
He is Head of the Mathematics Department at Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology, a leading engineering college of Kolkata. Earlier he taught at West Bengal University of Technology. He did his masters from Jadavpur University and has published nearly a dozen research papers on Cosmology in national and international journals of repute. He has written a large number of books on mathematics which became students' favourite because of the ease with which they explained the concepts.

Dipak Chatterjee :-
He is a renowned educationist and social worker of West Bengal, having significant contributions in mathematics and spirituality. A versatile and prolific writer he has authored many research articles and books on these subject. He is a pivotal force in the mathematics departments of many engineering colleges like the Institute of Engineering & Management (IEM), Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology, and also in various research institutes.

About the Book

The book, with its simple calculations and derivations, completely meets the requirements of semester II BE/BTech students who aspire to master mathematics. Keeping the curriculum in focus, the authors offer numerous problem sets and model question papers, which serve as a great reference work for course study as well as for getting a feel of competitive exams.


    Ordinary Differential Equations
  • General Solution of ODE of First Order and Higher Degree
  • Ode—Higher Order and First Degree
  • Basics of Graph Theory
  • Matrix Representation of Graphs
  • Shortest Path and Tree
  • Improper Integral
  • The Laplace Transform
  • Appendix I: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Appendix II: Model Question Papers
  • Appendix III: Past Examination Papers With Answers

Key Features

  • Lucid, well-explained concepts with solved examples
  • Numerical problem sets for self-assessment
  • Large number of MCQs and model test papers
  • Past examination papers with answers