English for Engineering Students - 1 (With CD), 2/e

English for Engineering Students - 1 (With CD), 2/e

Authors : Sujatha Priyadarshini & Veena Selvam

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About the Author

Sujatha Priyadarshini :- Ms Sujatha Priyadharsini is a lecturer at MOP Vaishnav College, Chennai. She worked earlier as a teaching faculty at Anna University. She has 2 years experience as a teacher trainer during which time she also conducted workshops to train Engineering College teachers.

Veena Selvam :- Dr Veena Selvam is a Ph.D. from IIT, Madras. She is working as a teaching faculty at IIM, Madras after a 3-year stint as Visiting Faculty at Anna University. She has been a resource person in training programmes for engineering college teachers.

About the Book

Language, unlike other engineering subjects, is more a skill that has to be practiced constantly. With this in mind, English for Engineering Students has been written to help building engineers use technical English appropriately in all situations. The objective of this book is to facilitate the practice of the four major study skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) along with their sub-skills. The book is divided into 4 units of 3 chapters each. Each unit is accompanied by a revision exercise. At the end of the book are the supplementary tasks along with keys, an appendix of phonetic symbols and their use, and a model question paper.


    Unit I - Communication: Say it with words
  • The Tower of BabeI
  • Reaching Out, Revision, Unit II - Pollution
  • The Breath of Life
  • The Elixir of Life
  • The Good Earth, Revision, Unit III - Technology
  • Space: The Final Frontier
  • Genetics: Mapping Man
  • In the Wrong Hands..., Revision, Unit IV : Networking
  • The Programming Wonder
  • Caught in the Web!
  • Shrinking Horizons, Revision